was constituted towards the end of the sixties.

In 1988 SIGMARIN was procured by Micha zofar and its name has been changed to: SIGMARIN PAINTS (1988) Ltd.

The company is owned by the zofar family and the young generation is deeply involved in its management.

The company produces and supplies paints and dilute materials to the metal industry according to Israeli and International standards.(TTE516,TTE-527,TTE-529,MIL-P22332 etc.)

SIGMARIN PAINTS specializes in manufacturing paints for the military and defense industries.

The quality policy of SIGMARIN PAINTS is aimed to achieving customer's satisfaction.

The company has a management system according to Israel Standard 2000: ISO 9000 which is inspected by the Israeli Standard Institution.

Quality targets have been determined by the company are:

- Constant improvement of quality control system.

- Producing paints according to various standards.

- Being qualified to safety and hygiene requirements.

- Preserving environment quality.


The above mentioned targets are being achieved by a combination of quality control in the factory's laboratory as well by outside laboratories.

SIGMARIN plant is classified as authorized plant by the IDF Armament Corps, IDF Air Force and IDF industries.

The plant is equipped with Israel Standard 2000: ISO 9000 Quality Control System which is inspected by the Israeli Standard Institution.